This is the Ela Minus (and first) episode of SONIC LATITUDES, a music series that explores what Latin America sounds like... in NYC. I created, produced and directed this web series. This is the interview portion of Ela's episode, to see her perform two songs go to this TrackRecord site!

This is the second SONIC LATITUDES episode, featuring Elsa y Elmar. Elsa and her band flew to NYC from Oakland and vowed us with a special version of her songs. Above is the interview with Elsa, to watch her songs go here.

The idea of this video, the first I´ve ever created and edited, was to let things happen. There was no storyline, only iPhone footage and freshly-learned, basic editing skills. The scenes that navigate through NYC are as close as I could get to how I perceive the subway system when I commute during the week. Moving through the crowd, while entertaining personal thoughts, is like having a type of private window into a public world. All of this is possible, especially, because I wear headphones during my commute. The headphones are important, because this video is a tale that organically told itself thanks to a song. “Technicolor Beat“, the song by Oh Wonder, was the director and editor of this clip, I just followed the cues and mood of the melody and arranged the images.
Of course, I have absolutely NO intention of infringing copyrights. On the contrary, this video is a tribute to the song, to the duo that is Oh Wonder. This is a personal project, with absolutely no commercial interest.
(This version has no color treatment whatsoever)