Astrid Harders is a trilingual journalist and editor. She was born in Bogotá, Colombia and is German. She holds a laureate degree from Boston University and spent some time in London, UK. In Colombia, she lead teams as Editor in Chief of Metro and Rolling Stone (North Cone edition), as well as directed regional operations as International Editor for the men’s magazine SoHo. She has worked for Latin American publications such as Semana and Gatopardo, and written for Bocas, Cromos, Arcadia, The Weekly Dig (US) and Rocksound (UK).

She worked for Univisión and ideated, wrote and pitched digital and branded content for Onion Labs and Studio@Gizmodo. She’s been an editorial consultant for Rolling Stone, a contributor to Vice, and the Managing Editor for Metro UN, a newspaper for and about the United Nations. 

She recently moved to Miami.